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CPI Press Release 02/19/2018
This year marks the golden anniversary of the founding year of Creative Plastics...
Sidney Daily News Feature 03/12/2018
“JC firm marks 50 years” ...By Patricia Ann Speelman
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Forming, Trimming & Secondary Operations
CPI manufactures custom parts for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across a broad range of industries.
Our clean, modern facilities consist of nearly 40,000 square feet of production, warehouse and office space capable of running approximately 2,000,000+ lbs of plastic annually.


Creative Plastics International (CPI) specializes in the design, tooling and production of plastic components. CPI is a fabricator of custom formed ABS, PVC, HDPE / Polyethylene, HIPS / Polystyrene, Vinyl Clad and Plexiglas® (clear acrylic) composites. We offer vacuum thermoforming and pressure forming, along with other pre-draw or plug assists such as snap-back forming and billow forming to minimize material thinning and increase pressure, drape forming and matched mold forming.

Since 1968, Creative has used Plastics to "form" International relationships by creating innovative solutions. CPI customers everywhere trust our seasoned management team to guide them in the design, materials selection and entire manufacturing process.
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