There are a variety of methods used to process plastic. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages and are better suited for specific applications. These methods include: injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, transfer molding, reaction injection molding, compression molding, and extrusion.

In the early stage of your project, CPI will help you identify the best method. If that best method is not an option at CPI we will be upfront and honest. We offer vacuum thermoforming and pressure forming, along with other pre-draw or plug assists such as snap-back forming and billow forming to minimize material thinning and increase pressure, drape forming and matched mold forming.

Our complete thermoforming capabilities give us the diversity to complete your part in-house from concept design to final delivery. The adjacent 2 minute YouTube lesson will help you understand the basic principle behind thermoforming.
Which method is right for my product?
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