The experienced team at CPI will work with you to evaluate your project and determine the best type of material to yield the desired outcome.

One type of material does not fit all applications. CPI can thermoform:
Polyethylene including HDPE, LDPE & HMWPE
HIPS / Polystyrene
Moldable seamless PVC upholstery materials
Vinyl Clad Urethane for automotive soft trim
Plexiglas® (clear acrylic)

CPI can accommodate any requirement you may have for both thin and heavy gauge materials ranging from .005" to .500". The finished thickness depends on the part design.

We understand the issues that determine the right material for practically any application, and will do what it takes to help specify the right material for the job. Exterior Weatherable (UV-resistant), UL Fire Rated, food grade, heat deflection, stiffness, gloss control, chemical or scratch resistant... Decorative metallic, clear or any color and texture.

Combinations of 100% custom color virgin, virgin cap/utility base, low gloss (matte) cap/utility base, and custom color cap/utility base are available.
What type of material is best for my product?
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