Historic Korn Field, site of CPI

At the entrance to Creative Plastics, you will find a historical marker. The company is built on the site of Korn Field, the first airport in Ohio.

“ On Dec. 17, 1903, at Kitty Hawk, N.C., Wilbur and Orville Wright made their successful flight in a full-sized airplane. The machine was a biplane, and on the first day the Wright brothers made four flights, the longest lasting 59 seconds at a speed of 30 miles per hour. Inspired by the feats of the Wright Brothers, a Shelby Countian, living one mile south and one half mile east of Montra, by the name of Milton Korn, decided to try his hand at the new adventure. In 1908 he built a flying model aeroplane powered by rubber bands that flew successfully. When his brother, Edward, came home from college and saw his brother's plane, the two decided to build a full-sized plane using the model as a guide. Ed had some training in blue printing, and drew up the plans. Small steam engines were molded with babbit metal and each little engine that was made would run when a steam hose was attached to it. Thus began the flying career of the Korn brothers.” - by Clarence B. Raterman, The Sidney Daily News, July 1, 1976 entitled Shelby County's Korn Brothers Pioneered in Aviation.
The following comes from an article written by Bernard J. Losh in CAMERICA, 1953, entitled OHIO'S OLDEST AIRPORT:

     “In 1908, five years after the first Wright flight, Milton and Edward Korn let go their grip on the plow handles, so to speak, and let themselves be bitten good by the airplane bug. Not that the brothers quit farming. There was a certain amount of it to do and they did it. But they found time, too, for their developing concern with the flying machine. They also found ways and means to cut down the size of the family farm and establish the first airport in Ohio. In one stage of activity or another it has been in continuous operation since that time.
     That same year Milt and Ed Korn started building flying machines. Altogether they put four of them together. The first two never got off the ground. The third one, which was powered with a marine motor, made successful flights in 1911. It took off and landed at the Korn airport. The fourth plane, called a Benoist, was put together in 1911-1912, out of parts from a number of different airplanes. It was used, in 1912, to carry the first air mail in the state of Illinois and was only recently given to the Smithsonian Institution at Washington for permanent display.
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