Forming, Trimming & Secondary Operations
CPI offers vacuum thermoforming and pressure forming, along with other pre-draw or plug assists such as snap-back forming and billow forming to minimize material thinning and increase pressure, drape forming and matched mold forming.

Thermoforming, also referred to as vacuum forming is a method of manufacturing by preheating an extruded plastic sheet or moldable vinyl, draping it over a mold where vacuum is applied to achieve the desired shape. We utilize rotary, shuttle and inline forming processes. The trimmed material is reground and recycled.

Pressure thermoforming is ideal for components that require crisp formed in detail such as labels, logos and printed areas or when a part needs to have various textures on the same surface. Another advantage is the ability to mold in undercuts. This type of forming uses compressed air in order to force the raw material against a mold.

CPI also precision cuts parts to size using CNC Routers. 5-axis CNC Routing is robotic trimming that generates a path for part trimming, milling and drilling. Complicated trim paths are not a issue when CAD files are used. High quality and tight tolerances can be maintained. CPI can trim three-dimensional formed parts as well as machine flat sheet plastics.
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Often projects require secondary operations or value added services including:
Sawing, Die-Cutting, Drilling, Stapling, CNC machining, routing, Sonic welding, Assembly, Label / Logo application, JIT Delivery, Blanket / Release Shipments, Barcoding
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Quality Control
CPI recommends that you watch a two minute YouTube video showing the thermoforming process by pressing play below.