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CPI manufacturers reusable shipping containers and systems for material handling. A reusable plastic pallet program can reduce costs, drive sustainability and optimize your supply chain. Containers are reusable for a long service life, are 100% recyclable and are an efficient alternative to corrugated boxes or cases that protect parts and components as they travel the supply chain during assembly, processing, storage and distribution. Shown above are 180 degree stack and nest custom dunnage trays measuring 22 x 47". These are produced by CPI from HMWPE with a colored stripe. They are used with a standard 45 x 48" plastic pallet with lid, also available from CPI.

Inquire today about our universal pallet, tray and lid sizes. CPI is able to fabricate custom size nestable, rackable or stackable plastic pallets and lids and plastic dunnage for metal racks.
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