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This featured product is a rear interior door panel for a stretch limo. This is an unique two-step thermoforming process where the base substrate is formed out of ABS material. Small air holes are then drilled and a heat activated adhesive is applied to the one side of the plastic panel. A vacuum formable, unsupported tri-laminate vinyl construction is heated and formed over the plastic panel. This tri-laminate vinyl is a skin-foam-skin material and matches the color and grain used by the global automotive brand on the other interior components in the rest of the vehicle.

Auto manufacturers have needs unlike any other industry. Thousands of parts come together to make a vehicle. Contact CPI today for thermoformed plastic applications such as:

•Dashboard Assemblies •Interior Paneling •Seating Parts •Engine Bay Paneling
•Exterior Body Panels •Bumpers •Air Ducts •Wheel Well Liners •Cargo Mats
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