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When compared to other plastic forming processes, thermoformed tooling is advantageous when it comes to cost. Injection molds can cost up to five times more than molds used in thermoforming. Injection molds can also take months to create. When time to market is critical, thermoforming can be a smart alternative. Typical production tooling for thermoforming can be completed in a few weeks; while prototype molds take just half of that time.
Prototype tooling may be created using wood, renwood, epoxy or ceramic. These molds have a limited life. In some cases, a prototype mold may be suitable for production depending on material type and volume. Production tools range from single cavity to multiple cavity and may consist of temperature controlled aluminum castings, to cut aluminum. Sharp, crisp detail with close tolerances can be achieved. Undercuts, formed-in texture and formed-in logos are just a few of the many features that can be accomplished with thermoforming. CPI can give you a textured product without the cost or time involved in texturing a mold.

A fixture is required when a part must be CNC trimmed. Vacuum fixtures are constructed by taking a reverse impression of the part and mounting this impression into a vacuum box. The trim fixture then holds, under vacuum pressure, each part being CNC trimmed to ensure consistent results.

CPI offers complete tool design-production capability. We have the ability to build new tooling, prototype tooling, and make engineering changes to existing tooling.
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