CNC 5 axis cutting

CPI precision cuts parts to size using CNC Routers. 5-axis CNC Routing is robotic trimming that generates a path for part trimming, milling and drilling. Complicated trim paths are not a issue when CAD files are used. High quality and tight tolerances can be maintained. CPI can trim three-dimensional formed parts as well as machine flat sheet plastics.

Value Added Solutions

Often projects require secondary operations or value added services including:

  • Sawing
  • Die-Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Stapling
  • CNC Machining
  • Routing
  • Sonic Welding
  • Assembly
  • Label / Logo Application
  • JIT Delivery
  • Blanket / Release Shipments
  • Barcoding

5 Axis Cutting

5 Axis cnc router
5 Axis cut part
precision cut parts